Friday, March 30, 2007

More on politicians in the UK

Archbishop Mario Conti of Glasgow has come out publicly, strongly urging lawmakers to follow natural law.
He said: "Moral truth is by its nature a reality which cannot be denied or deconstructed without serious consequences for the well-being of society. Indeed Pope Benedict insists on this in his new apostolic exhortation, 'Sacramentum Caritatis.'

"Recognizing the truth about humanity is, he writes, 'especially incumbent upon those who, by virtue of their social or political position, must make decisions regarding fundamental values, such as respect for human life, its defense from conception to natural death, the family built upon marriage between a man and a woman, the freedom to educate one's children and the promotion of the common good in all its forms.'

"'These values,' the Pope said, 'are not negotiable.'"

Archbishop Conti added: "This must be another way of saying that these values form the bedrock of society.

"A society which, on the other hand, builds itself on the untested ground of new ideologies or the shifting sands of liberal -- or perhaps I should say illiberal -- opinion is doomed to failure."
All I can say is this: Bravo! It's about time we have Bishops who are willing to take a stand and tell it like it is. This is a demonstration of the power of an Apostolic Exhortation. Already now the actions exhorted by the Pope are being put into action. Let us hope and pray that more of our Bishops will be willing to take such a stand.

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