Friday, April 6, 2007

Theologians Addressed by the Pope

Pope Benedict, recently, spoke to some theologians (article).
"But, in the case of theology, in addition to the courage to ask questions, it is also necessary to have the humility to listen to answers which the Christian faith gives us: the humility to perceive in these answers their reasonable character and to make them in this way, accessible to our times and to ourselves.
This statement is, I'm sure, related to the recent cases of Theologians being sanctioned by the CDF. The Pope doesn't want Theologians to be worried that they should keep their mouths shut, but makes sure they remember that they must stay true to the Faith that has been handed down to us.

It happens that theologians sometimes make statements and declarations that are wrong, and we hear about the cases where they are sanctioned. We hear about these cases so we are not led astray. We don't, generally, hear about the cases where a theologian says that he thinks he's wrong after a CDF investigation (because we don't need to be warned). I'm sure this happens a fair amount.

Curiosity with humility.

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