Monday, May 10, 2010

Bishop fined for the Truth

Of course, we all knew the day was coming when the secular authorities started fining those in the Church for speaking out for the Truth. An article came out today about a Bishop in Costa Rica who was fined by the government for advocating in a homily voting according to Catholic principles.

He didn't even say anything that outrageous.
During the Mass last September, Bishop Ulloa told the faithful, “We are facing a political campaign in which we must carefully choose who is going to govern us. We are now finding out which candidates deny God and defend principles that go against life, marriage, and the family. Therefore, we must be coherent with our faith and cannot give them our vote in good conscience.”
"We can't vote for those who will oppose the Truth." A sound and simple principle.

Mark my words, the day is coming when the same will be be true in Europe (in fact, it might be here already) and even in this country. Maybe speaking out won't be a crime here, but I'm sure the calls for the Church to lose her tax-exempt status will come with greater fervor in years to come, especially since many of our bishops have started to find their voices in recent times.

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