Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bishop D'Arcy Again

Rather than post on and comment on the recent statement of Bp. D'Arcy regarding Notre Dame, I rather direct you, dear readers, to Fr. Z's posting and analysis of it, as I do not have the time to give it justice. Needless to say, it is a well crafted statement.

One point that Fr. Z didn't comment on:
Rather than share my full letter, which I have shared with some in church leadership, I prefer to present some of the key points.
Perhaps the Council on Catholic Education has been notified.

You've got to love a statement that quotes canon law and Ex Corde Ecclesiae. I will be continuing to pray for Bishop D'Arcy, as I am sure he could use all the prayerful support he can get right now.


Dan said...

I think there is no doubt that this is a strong statement indeed. And yet, reading it again, it is not dismissive, accusatory, or hyperbolic (like some of the other statements from bishops or "bloggers" I have read).

I have not read the canons, but I suspect there may even be some wordplay afoot when Bishop D'Arcy writes that he is the true teacher (not an educational institution) and lawgiver (not the ND Administration) in the diocese.

Let us also remember to pray for Fr. Jenkins and for our President.

Anonymous said...