Friday, August 3, 2007

Banning abortion is now criminal

Apparently, now it is "criminal" for a country or place to limit or ban abortion. At least that's what the UN says. (Article)

What surprises me the most is simply the fact that it would be essentially viewed as a crime against humanity to disallow abortion. When did this happen, and why wasn't I informed? This is a group who seeks to end all forms of discrimination against women, and they are deciding now that abortion (or lack thereof) constitutes discrimination. Why don't they ban the Church, after all, the Church is the mystical body of Christ, and Christ is God, and God created men and women differently, and so is discriminatory. This logic wouldn't surprise me.

It's really the complete lack of an understanding of proper argumentation and logic that surprises me.
When the Honduran delegation responded that government efforts were aimed at prevention of early and unwanted pregnancies, committee member Silvia Pimentel-- a faculty member at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo-- fired back that the government had been as comprehensive as possible on prevention and that "there are situations where prevention is not enough." She continued, "Women have their reasons to seek an abortion, which should be respected." Pimentel admitted that those reasons did not always include a threat to the mother's life, but that she could not understand the abortion ban in Honduras where "the interests of the fetus outweigh those of the mother."
Using this logic, there should be no criminal law whatsoever. The thief has his reason to steal things, which should be respected. The murderer has his reason to kill people, which should be respected. The genocider has his reasons to extinguish another race, which should be respected. Also, why should we consider or not the interests of anyone over anyone else? Why should we think of the interests of someone with two healthy kidneys over someone who has none? Does anyone think this woman would be willing to give up a kidney tomorrow, just because her interests cannot be taken above someone else's? Note also, this person is on the faculty of a Catholic school. Why doesn't this surprise me?
Driving home the committee’s stance during Hungary’s review, Silvia Pimentel criticized the content of Hungary's planning materials. The Brazilian expressed concern over brochures entitled "Life is a Miracle," saying that conservatives often construed such material as reason for not having an abortion.
So, even having a reason to not have an abortion is bad now?
Other CEDAW committee members pressed Belize, Brazil, Kenya, and Liechtenstein on their abortion laws, calling on them to institute legal reform to formally permit abortions.
And this is why nobody takes the UN seriously. This commission on human rights, or whatever they are, is unwilling to stick with actual human rights violations, and just has to start messing with another political agenda. Why not press China to stop forcing women to get abortions, rather than tell countries they should allow abortion on demand?

I'm just sayin'.

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