Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everything is better in Spain

Having a Spanish housemate, I am oft informed how much better some of the things are from Spain. Two news articles are telling of this fact, how much better abortion and the loss of faith is in Spain.

During the last ten years, abortions have almost doubled with an increase of 90.5 percent, making Spain the European country with the greatest increase in the number of abortions, followed by Belgium and Holland.

IFP president Eduardo Hertfelder said 97,000 abortions took place in 2006. “If this trend continues, in 2010 one out of every five pregnancies (125,000 annually) will end in abortion,” he said.

He noted that abortions in 200 were up six percent from 2005, and that the statistics indicate that at the very least, “266 children are not born each day in Spain because of abortion, resulting in one abortion taking place every 5.4 minutes.”

He called the government’s policies “obsolete and erroneous” and said it was “unheard-of that in these times the Ministry of Health does not want to make a distinction between abortions carried out for life or health of the mother and those carried out for psychological reasons, when these represent practically all (96.7%) abortions that take place. “To continue hiding the reality or hiding in empty policies is not, therefore, an effective solution,” Hertfelder stated.

That's something all the abortion people talk about all the time "health of the mother", and "rape or incest". What they don't say is how small a fraction that really makes up.
According to a survey conducted by the Investiga research firm, although 73.8 percent of Spaniards say they are Catholic, only 36 percent admit that they are practicing.
And the article goes on to say that more women than men practice. I wonder what the percentages would be if they more strictly defined "practicing".

Everything is better in Spain.