Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Animal Human Hybrid in England

The British government has recently announced that they are lifting their ban on creating an Animal-Human hybrid, which has alarmed many. (Article)
"The creation of a hybrid animal-human embryo has been banned by everyone in the biotechnology field, until now -- and not just by religious groups," Bishop Sgreccia said. "This is because human dignity is compromised and offended and monstrosities will be created from these inseminations.

"It is true that these embryos are suppressed and the cells taken out, but the creation of an animal-human being represents a natural border that has been violated, the most grave of violations."

In an interview with Vatican Radio, he called for a complete moral condemnation of the practice, "in the name of reason and in the name of justice and science, which must be maintained for the well being of the person and respect for human nature."
He goes on to discuss why there is really no need for this. I can't imagine why we'd want to do this. Those who have no concerns of morality are willing to destroy human embryos, and people who do care about morals have adult stem cells to work with. What is the point here anyways?


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