Wednesday, May 9, 2007

STOQing up

The Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest (STOQ) recently has announced they will be publishing their first four volumes on the integrations of science and theology, Zenit reports.
"These publications overcome one of the most common and deeply rooted stereotypes about the Church in today's mentality, which says the Church has a lack of interest in science, and is even averse to science," the cardinal said.

Two of the volumes each had a single author: "Some Mathematical Physics for Philosophers," by Michael Heller, which offers a panoramic view of the mathematical methods used in physics; and "Life and Organisms," by Pietro Ramellini, a collection of historical-critical definitions of living organisms recorded in the last two centuries, since biology became a science.
I totally want to read these books, especially the physics one. This has long been an interest of mine. I bet these won't be available on the internet any time soon, though. No matter, I'm sure a library will have them, or something.


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