Friday, May 18, 2007

UPDATE -- Prague Archbishop to get hearing

I reported earlier on a dispute between the Czech Government and the Archbishop of Prague. The courts have ruled that the battle in the courts can continue. (Article)

The cathedral, which was seized in 1954 by the Communist government of what was then Czechoslovakia, is located in a castle traditionally controlled by Czech kings, and now by the nation's government. For the past 15 years, since the fall of the Communist regime, the administrators of the Prague castle have been battling with the Catholic archdiocese for control of the building.

In April, a court order required the cathedral chapter of the Prague archdiocese to surrender control of the 14th-century building. Cardinal Vlk is challenging that ruling. The latest court ruling affirms that because the cathedral chapter serves the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Vlk has legal standing to continue the court fight.

What does the government want with a cathedral, anyways? I can understand that all of the seized properties might not return to the Church, which is sad, but is life. Why, though, wouldn't the Cathedral church be returned, at least as an act of goodwill. Must be Europe.


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