Friday, May 18, 2007

Benedict XVI is no John Paul II

A journalist has stated that he is upset with BXVI, because he's not living up to JPII's legacy. (Article)
An Italian priest-journalist has criticized Pope Benedict XVI for imitating the style of his predecessor, but failing to achieve the same results, during his visit to Brazil last week.

"Wojtylism is useless without Wojtyla," wrote Father Filippo Di Giacomo in a column for the daily La Stampa. The former missionary said that attendance at the opening session of the CELAM meeting in Aparecida-- about 200,000, rather than the 1 million organizers had anticipated-- showed a failure to match the popularity of Pope John Paul II. (A congregation estimated at about 1 million had gathered in Sao Paulo earlier when the Pope presided at the canonization of Frei Galvao.)

Di Giacomo argued that Pope Benedict had engaged in disputes with the bishops of Latin America during his trip-- another reason, he said, that the papal journey had been a disappointment.

Just after the anniversary of his second year, he doesn't live up to a 26 year reigning Pope. Big surprise. Plus, he's not JPII, he's his own Pope (or something like that). I think he's doing a good job, being Pope isn't just about drawing the crowds.


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