Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Los Angeles Strapped for Cash

Cardinal Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles announced that in order to setter the sexual abuse cases in his Diocese, a number of "nonessential Church properties", as well as the headquarters will have to be sold.

The cardinal promised that “no parishes or parish schools will be closed to fund these settlements, nor will their essential ministries be affected by the sales.” The properties under consideration are not being used by parishes. Still, Mahony said, the archdiocese would prefer to retain the properties it is considering to sell.”

In December, the archdiocese settled 46 clergy abuse civil cases for a total of $60 million, of which the archdiocese contributed $40 million, said Mahony in his statement. When the settlement was made he noted that “a settlement in those cases will require the active participation of the many insurance companies who provided liability insurance during those past years when the abuse occurred.” Attorneys, judges, and Church leaders are still negotiating these settlements.

I would never have guessed the Church was bleeding money so bad. I think it is always a shame when the Church either sells or loses property. I don't know a lot about this abuse scandal, but I wonder if it boils down to trying to profit off the Church. Looks like it is working.


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