Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hugo Chavez demands Papal Apology

Hugo Chavez has demanded an apology from the Pope to the indigineous peoples of the Americas for the evil stuff the Church did back in the day, or at least denying that it happened, supposedly. (Article)

"Something much more serious occurred here than during the holocaust of World War II, and nobody can deny that this is true, and neither can his Holiness come here, to our own land, and deny the aboriginal holocaust," Chavez said over the weekend on Venezuelan radio and television.

"So, as a head of state, but clad in the humility of a Venezuelan farmworker, I implore his Holiness to apologize to the peoples of our America," Chavez demanded.

Chavez said he paid close attention to everything the Pope said in Brazil, and that after hearing him say that the Gospel was not imposed upon the natives, he called Venezuela’s minister for the indigenous peoples, Nizia Maldonado, who said she did not share the Pope’s opinion and that it was "difficult to support, for God’s sake!"

I'm not sure what he's going on about, maybe he's just nuts.


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